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Mitsubishi Dehumidifiers

The Mitsubishi Dehumidifier MJ-e16V
Suitable for a five bedroom home.
Quite, sleek, efficient.
Only 18cm deep
Award winning design

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  • Award winning design
  • Sixteen Litres of water can be extracted from the air every day (30°C,80% rel. hum.)
  • Controllable or fully auto dehumidifying
  • Slim 18cm deep design with a flat back for standing against a wall.
  • Easy to remove water container (four litre)
  • Permanent drainage with a standard 15mm plumbing couple.
  • Dries washing faster and more cheaply than a tumble dryer
  • Precision humidistat controls
  • In-built off timer
  • A brand name you can trust
  • Suitable for museums and archives (50% rel. hum +/-5%)
  • Powerful enough for a family home (five bedroom)
  • Suitable for unheated spaces, caravans, boats, garages.
  • Hotgas defrost – prevents icing up, improves cost efficiency
  • Extremely reliable
  • Can be used in fan only mode for cooling.
  • Auto-start following a power failure or outage
  • Works with external power timers and clocks
  • Unit switches off completely once the desired humidity level is reached
  • Purifies air, removing dust – replace filter annually.