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Mitsubishi Dehumidifiers MJ-e16V | MJ-e16VX

The Mitsubishi dehumidifiers MJ-E16V and MJ-E16VX are the two leading portable dehumidifiers with features that that no other brands can achieve. We are an authorised Mitsubishi dealer and can offer these products at unbeatable prices. A home dehumidifier makes your living environment both healthier and more comfortable. Better for your health: With a Mitsubishi dehumidifier removing dampness from the air - moulds and mildews will be unable to grow. The filters remove dust, dirt and allergens making life easier for people with allergies. Better for your home: The constantly controlled air means no dampness or condensation on walls or windows all winter long, keeping the fabric of your home dry.

Why Choose Mitsubishi?

Reliability: These Dehumidifiers have proved to be the most reliable in the industry. They are manufactured to the highest, technically robust specifications with superb build quality. Power: These units will effortlessly remove 16 litres of moisture from the air every day. Slim: The 18cm deep, sleek design of the units means they can be unobtrusively pushed back right up against a wall. The lightweight compact design also makes them ideal for caravans and boats as well as homes. Quiet: These Mitsubishi Dehumidifiers are the quietest in their class. Drainage: Standard 15mm plumbing can be used to automatically empty the units.

Easy Dehumidifying

A one touch approach allows the dehumidifiers to control humidity to levels that you will find comfortable, automatically adjusting levels even if room temperatures vary. When the temperature of a room is high the Circulate mode operates only the ventilation fan and when used alternately with Auto Dehumidify mode ambient humidity of a home can be easily maintained at comfortable levels.

Home Dehumidifier

A laundry mode maximises the drying power of the dehumidifier and the unit will operate on maximum power speeding up the natural drying of clothes. The air purifier mode cleans the air by passing it through the pre-filter and air purifying filter but does not remove moisture. Accuracy and Control These portable models are suitable for museums and archival storage and are used in museums and institutions around the world. The MJ-E16VX is accurate to +/- 1% and both models can easily maintain the ideal 50% humidity by removing 16L of moisture per day.

Features of both the MJ-E16V and MJ-E16VX

Rounded water Tank: Easy to wipe completely clean with no corners to trap grime. Simply wiping with a soft cloth is all that is needed to keep the unit hygienically clean. Low Temperature Mode: Regardless of the temperature, enjoy a winter with a home completely free of condensation - better for your house, better for your health. Hot Gas Defrost: Even at extreme low temperatures all models will automatically reverse the flow of coolant to melt any ice that might have built up around the coil. This keeps the unit working efficiently and uses less electricity. This feature makes both the MJ-E16V and MJ-E16VX ideal for caravans and garages – other brands of dehumidifier would simply cease to be effective at these low temperatures. Mildew Guard: In auto mode the machines will prevent the build-up and growth of moulds and mildew. The dehumidifier senses the needs of the environment and reduces the level of humidity to 40% for a two hour period or 50% for a four hour period each day. These conditions will not allow mould or mildew to develop in a house – even on previously affected surfaces. Dust Filter: The combination of filters within the unit removes airborne dirt, dust and allergen particles relieving the symptoms of allergy sufferers and asthmatics. This is automatically carried out during the dehumidification cycle but can also be done without dehumidifying – solely by circulating air through the internal filters.

Features Exclusive to Mitsubishi Dehumidifier MJ-E16VX

Auto-swing louvres: It is possible to direct the stream of dry air exactly where is needs or pass it over clothes to naturally dry them indoors. The three modes of the auto-swing louvres give you complete control. Washable Filters: To ensure maximum hygiene and longevity the photo-catalytic filter can be cleaned simply by soaking in water and drying in the sun. The effect of natural sunlight upon the element kills bacteria, deodorizes and regenerates the filter. We would not expect the filter to require replacing within two years. Accurate Control: The digital controls and precise sensors of the MJ-E16VX mean that it can control humidity to an accuracy of +/-1% Internal Cleaning: When the dehumidifier unit ceases operation the MJ-E16V will automatically start drying itself internally. With no moisture remaining inside the unit no mould or mildew can grow ensuring the air circulated by the machine will stay healthy and clean.